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Breakfast – until 2pm

Toast with homemade jam  $6.30

Organic Sourdough or Country Loaf

GF +$1


Organic Spiced Fruit Toast  $7.00

Apricot, peach, pear, fig and raisins


Bircher Muesli  $10.50

with authentic Greek yoghurt and berry compote


Fruit Salad  $10.50

Seasonal fruits with Greek yoghurt


Big Breakfast  $20.90

2 eggs your way & any 3 sides on sourdough


Bacon | Spinach | Tomato | Hashbrowns
Smoked Salmon | Avocado | Beans 
Mushrooms | Sausage 


Eggs on Toast $11.20

Poached, scrambled or fried eggs on toast


Smashed Avocado  $16.90

With goat’s cheese, chives and lemon served on organic toast


Smashed Pumpkin  $16.90

With goat’s cheese, mixed nuts, seeds, rocket and a poached egg on organic toast


Eggs Benedict  $15.90 

Poached eggs on Turkish bread with hollandaise sauce and your choice of ham, bacon, salmon or spinach


Five Bean Bake  $18.60

Slow cooked beans, 2 poached eggs, chilli and roti flatbread with a goji berry & goat cheese salad


Traditional Porridge  $9.80

Finished with brown sugar

Add mixed nuts, seeds and berries   +$4.00


Omelette  $15.90

Choice of mushroom or salmon served with organic toast


Wilf Mushroom Frittata  $18.00

with spinach and topped with an avocado salad 

on organic toast


Brioche French Toast  $16.90

Served with your choice of

• Bacon and berries, or

• Grilled pear and ice-cream


Pancake Stack    $16.40 

3 pancakes with your choice of

• Banana and walnuts, or

• Berry compote and ice cream




Soup of the day – served with toast    $10.50

See our daily specials board


Vietnamese Salad      $17.00

Marinated chicken with mixed lettuce, mint, basil,

crushed peanuts & Nuoc Cham


Grilled Field Mushroom  $17.00

With haloumi cheese, red peppers, spinach, zucchini ribbons and cherry tomatoes with basil pesto on sourdough.


Chicken Risotto  $16.90

Chicken, avocado, mushroom, spinach, cream & parmesan


Linguine Carbonara $16.90

Bacon, mushrooms, egg yolk, cream & parmesan


Chicken Schnitzel    $15.90

Homemade schnitzel served with a side of gravy and salad.


Chicken Parmigiana  $17.50

Schnitzel topped with ham, Napoli sauce and mozzarella cheese served with salad



Sandwiches and Burgers

Add Chips +$3


Classic Toasties  $9.80

Ham, cheese & tomato / Bacon & egg / B.L.T


Chicken Toastie  $11.50

Grilled chicken with cheese, salad and mayo


Brekkie Roll  $11.50


2 Fried eggs, bacon and cheese in a Turkish roll


Steak Sandwich  $19.90

With bacon, cheese, egg, lettuce and tomato


Wagyu Burger  $17.90

Wagyu beef patty, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, fried egg, lettuce and hickory smoked BBQ sauce




Latte    3.70 4.70

Cappuccino   3.70 4.70

Flat White        3.70 4.70

Long Black       3.70 4.70

Espresso          3.70  

Macchiato        3.70

Piccolo   3.70


Bonsoy or Almond milk +60c

Lactose free milk+50c 

Extra shot or Decaf +50c

Vanilla/Caramel/Hazelnut Shot +50c



Hot Drinks


Turmeric Latte   4.20 / 5.20

Matcha Latte   4.20 / 5.20

Chai Latte   3.70 / 4.70

Hot Chocolate   3.70 / 4.70

Fresh Prana Chai served in a pot 5.20

Pot of Tea by Tea drop $4.20


English breakfast

Earl Grey



Ginger and lemongrass




Cold Drinks


Iced coffee  $5.50

Milkshakes   $5.50 (chocolate/banana/strawberry/vanilla/caramel)

Noah’s Juices 260ml    $5.00

Sun zest orange juice  $5.00

Organic coconut water  $4.00

Lipton peach ice tea  $4.50

Ginger beer  $3.50

Lemon lime bitters  $3.50

San Pellegrino 250/500/1L   $4/$6/$8

San Pellegrino fruit beverages  $3.50




Come down to the front counter and see our selection of fresh homemade muffins, sandwiches, sausage rolls and other delicious foods available to order.


Please let one of the friendly staff know if you have any dietary requirements.


We proudly source our breads from Dench Bakery